Friday, 4 August 2017


The inevitable collapse of the student loan "market" and with it the takedown of many higher educational institutions will be one of the happiest and much needed events to look forward to in the coming months/years. Whether the student loan bubble bursts on its own or implodes due to a general economic collapse, does not matter as long as higher education is dealt a death blow and can no longer be a conduit of socialist and egalitarian nonsense for the inculcation of young minds.

The perilous condition of the student loan sector can be seen by looking at a few ominous pieces of data:

  • The US has around $1.3 trillion in non-dischargeable loans to students
  • Over $120 billion in student loans are already in default
  • 27% of students are a month behind on their payments

As economic conditions deteriorate and there are even less meaningful jobs for college graduates than there are now, these numbers will only get worse.

Not only have colleges and universities been havens of leftist thought for many years, but they have become ridiculously expensive and beyond the reach of most middle-class income earners to afford without going into significant debt. Moreover, the incessant barrage by the Establishment about the necessity of a college degree has distorted the labor market to where worthless, debt-ridden degrees are pursued instead of much needed blue-collar employment. The readjustment of the labor market to a proper balance will not only take time, but it will be a costly, painful process.

While the "hard" sciences have not been as effected by the Left, the social sciences have long been an intellectual wasteland devoid of any freedom of thought or opinion. Promotion and recognition of academic excellence is, more often than not, based on "diversity" and one's skin color, not merit. Arguably, economic science has been the most corrupted discipline. Economics departments of major universities are now training grounds for employment in state and federal bureaucracies, the banking industry, and Federal Reserve, where Marxism, Keynesianism, neo-Keynesianism or whatever kooky, nonsensical theory of the day can be put into practice.

While higher education has long been hostile to the ideals of Western Civilization, it is now explicitly a bastion of anti-white discrimination and hostility, especially against white heterosexual men. Few days now pass where there is not an incident, many of which are approved by school authorities, blatantly attacking white Americans or symbols that supposedly represent them.

Of course, the higher education apparatchiks have had an easy time in their brainwashing task since the impressionable minds in their charge have been indoctrinated by twelve years of public "schooling." Not only has the public school been a mechanism of social engineering, but it has constantly pushed its chattel to continue their "education" at the collegiate level.

The Trump Administration and most on the Right have failed to grasp the liberalistic bias of American education. Education Department Secretary Betsy DeVos has spoken about "competition" via school choice, vouchers, and magnet and charter schools to increase school and student performance. The Administration's proposed 2018 education budget calls for an increase in federal spending on school choice by $1.4 billion, a $168 million increase for charter schools, and a $1 billion increase for Title I "to encourage school districts to adopt a system of student-based budgeting and open enrollment that enables Federal, State, and local funding to follow a student to the public school of his or her choice."

These shopworn ideas and policies are not only fundamentally flawed and will make matters worse, but they will do nothing to counteract and/or end the Left’s domination of education. Instead, President Trump should do what he spoke of at times on the campaign trail and what President Reagan promised to do, but never did – abolish the Department of Education!

While the collapse of the student loan bubble may be the catalyst for a general financial downturn and will certainly be the cause of tremendous social pain and dislocation, it will, nevertheless, be a necessary prerequisite if America and, for that matter, the Western world is to ever break the grip of leftist ideology which rules it. May the bursting of the student loan bubble commence!

Originally published at Antonius Aquinas

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  1. There are certain parallels between rise of Alt Right and Jewish Emancipation in the 19th century.

    There were lots of talent among Jews, but they were held back by two factors: Jewish dogma & Orthodoxy AND Gentile discrimination. So, even very smart Jews were still reading Torah or Talmud than tackling science, math, and modern ideas. Or, Jews were banned from many institutions unless they converted, but even converts faced subtle obstacles. Emancipation led to Jews breaking out of tradition and passing through gentile barriers. And it led to a kind of Radical Renaissance in philosophy, science, math, medicine, arts, culture, music, etc. It was because so much talent had been bottled up for so long. They all exploded all at once like Big Bang.

    Something similar has been holding back the American Right.

    First, just like Jews were once trapped in weight of tradition and same-old-dogma, much of American Right got caught up in Jesus, Israel, Constitution, and Taxes. Christian Right stifled creativity and thinking. It was for dumb stuff like Prayer in Schools and displaying Ten Commandments in public buildings. Or, it was about battling homomania with a religious argument when a secular biological and moral argument would have been far more compelling. As for Israel, part of it was just Christian messianic silliness and the other was slavishness to donor and media class. As for Constitutionalists, they failed to understand how malleable laws are under the power. One can go on and on about 'muh constitution', but the Power will bend rules. Always. And stuff about taxes only interested the rich and failed to unite Americans. It was seeing the world through numbers than hearts and minds. As Conservatism got associated with dumb Christians, 'greed' of self-obsessed libertarians, rigid Constitutionalists(who clung to original documents like the Torah), and Zionism(pure toady behavior to the powerful), they lost prestige and credibility. So, even though Conservatives spoke of 'excellence' against 'egalitarianism', the smartest and most able individuals went with Liberalism. Also, Conservative slavishness to Jews and Israel put them in a moral bind. After all, if most Jews are Liberal and hostile to Conservatives, why are Conservatives most devoted to those who hate them most? It implied moral insecurity and defensiveness, i.e. because the White Right got associated with all the 'racism' and other evils, they had to beg forgiveness and get on their knees and grovel. And what better way than by seeking approval from the Holocaust Tribe, the most tragic people on earth. (Maybe one can even argue Hitler was really a 'leftist'.) But this display was pathetic because their way of making amends was by sucking up to the most powerful and richest group in America. If the Right really wanted to make amends, why not stick up for Palestinians who got it up their a** even though they had NOTHING to do with WWII and Holocaust? It's one thing to feel sorry for Jews as victims in WWII. But in the case of Israel-Palestine, Jews were clearly the aggressors and oppressors.


    1. Anyway, Con Inc dogma and Christian Right stifled creativity, true liberty, true individuality, and true expression on the Right. There was lack of originality and integrity. While the Right usually stuck to lamo Conservative Inc shibboleths, the occasional deviation was to adopt the values and positions of the other side as really being 'conservative' and misused by the 'left'. So, MLK is a conservative hero all of a sudden. Or, 'gay marriage' is a 'conservative' value and Liberals are the true 'homophobes' for not opposing Muslims who wanna harm 'gays'. Or Democrats are the 'real racists' because KKK long ago were Democrats or some such crap. National Review became National Repeat. (As for the Other Right, it was usually some 14/88 neo-nazi crap that, as often as not, was government plant.)

      The Right was also stifled by PC dominated by colleges, law firms, the state, media, entertainment. This was esp true prior to the internet when Globalist-Liberals controlled most channels of discourse and forums of respectable opinions. There was Talk Radio, but it was just boorish talk on timid subjects. There was PC as law of the land, and there was no need for any discussion.

      So, if anyone was on the Right, the only option was dogma of 'muh constitution, low taxes, Jesus loves me, and Israel!'. Any rightist who deviated from the Cantillation was attacked by both Liberal PC and by Conservative Inc. Look at the fate of Joe Sobran, a famous example.

      So, there was a lot of bottled up energies, excitement, as well as anger. It wanted to break through the tiresome dogma and it wanted to speak truth to PC power. It had enough of Con Inc, especially after Neocons turned it totally into Wars for Israel club and Wall Street club. And it didn't want to join some icky neo-nazi crap, which has its own PC of 'muh fuhrer'.

      And then Alt Right happened, and it was an Alt not only to Con Inc but to 14/88 garbage. (This is why Alt Right must be careful when dealing with trash like Anglin and psychos like Greg Johnson and Kurtagic.) Alt Right gave free voice to individuals with new, idiosyncratic, and dissident ideas.
      And because the true honest Right had been suppressed for so long, the explosion was volcanic, a eureka moment. It's like the British Invasion or French New Wave. But just like those movements, Alt Right can peter out if its energies are mishandled or wasted on indulgence. Lennon and Godard sure got lost very fast. Godard never recovered from his Maoist lunacy of late 60s. Currently, the personality pissing contest among Alt Right figures is turning stupid.

      To be sure, Alt Right has nothing like the talent and energy of the Jewish Emancipation that opened the way for Mahler, Kafka, Schoenberg, Einstein, Freud, Vienna cafe society, etc. that radically and fundamentally changed society. There are no geniuses in the Alt Right though some are reasonably bright.
      But what matters is this shift in the Overton Window has finally allowed the True Right the freedom and energy to express itself without shame, restraint, or apology.

      Most of the very smart people are Libs, but they are so caught up in PC lies and corruption of privilege that, now, their talents are being wasted and misused in culture. Or, the sheer trivilization of culture in its decadence & degeneracy has turned many smart Libs into emotional idiots whose idea of 'truth' is green hair and 50 genders. Hillary Clinton represented how Liberalism also become like Con Inc. It lost its secular love of reason, liberty, and skepticism and turned into a neo-dogma of 'muh gay marriage', 'muh search for new hitler', and 'muh magic negro' that was discredited by BLM ugliness.
      And of 'muh hypocrisy' is hardly compelling as a theme. For example, how long are Jewish Libs going to claim social justice while pushing for criminalization of BDS?


    2. Anyway, Alt Right has a great opportunity. It is willing to speak more truth(if not all the truth) in a world of dogma, lies, fantasy, and hypocrisy. Also, much of Lib Inc has gone infantile, with teletubby rainbow goo-goo color revolution of homomania.

      Right now, Alt Right is on the side of Race Factism while most of society -- Lib Inc and Con Inc and Antifa and rest of them -- are Anti-Race-Factist or just plain Anti-Factist.

      Alt Right should make most of this Emancipation Moment.

  2. Even STEM has become worthless to some extent. Too many H-1's and greencard holders competing for these same jobs. Even an engineering or pharmacy is not a ticket to any great lifestyle. You can still get a CDLA and drive a truck for decent money. I've seen four year STEM in chemistry and biology paying people as low as $12 an hour. For a four degree. Why would you spend $80k so you can a get a $30k job assuming you go to even a lower cost public institution.

  3. Well, there are too many Colleges and Universities, in any event. This is especially so of Community Colleges. They are like toadstools. In the olden days, Higher Education was merely for the very elite of Society. There certainly should never be Coed Colleges at all. Women should, if they are smart enough, go to College-- but to women's only Colleges.

    Mind you, we desperately need to re-segregate Education.

  4. It is time to find right-wing academics, and radical right thinkers and philosophers. Bring them together to open an online school modeled after University of the people. No student loan debt for any of them and thousands of right-wing graduates per year. An online school is a very easy thing to make.

  5. It is time to find right-wing academics, and radical right thinkers and philosophers and bring them together to open an online school modeled after University of the people. No student loan debt for any of them and thousands of right-wing graduates per year. An online school is a very easy thing to make.

  6. A young person starting out in life needs to learn a marketable job skill. A college degree is necessary for some of these, but only some. The degree needs to be in the field you choose to work in.

    A degree from a college without an academic reputation in the social sciences or liberal arts is virtually worthless.

    Look for a field in which there are more openings than people qualified to fill the openings. Look for a field that is not specialized, and which does not change rapidly.

    Stay away from journalism or computers unless you have an obvious calling and obvious talent in one of these fields. They have become steep pyramids. At the top of each are a few very visible and very desirable positions. From there it quickly slides down to jobs that are insecure and do not pay very much.

    Those on the alt right should not worry about people who get college degrees in something like black studies or women's studies. Those people are not going anywhere. There are not many jobs for "Diversity Specialists."

    A degree like that is a blinking red light for a hiring manager. Such a degree teaches nothing valuable to an employers. They do teach one who studies that stuff a feeling of entitlement and personal grievance.

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